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The biggest challenge for foreigners planning to live or already living in Turkey is to speak Turkish.
We know very well how learning Turkish will make your life easier. However, this learning process must take place quickly, easily and economically.
American Culture is a language school that applies different and innovative methods for learning Turkish.
For 17 years, we have taught Turkish to three thousand foreign students. We employ an education system with a unique method prepared by our in-house language experts. Our method enables our students to speak and communicate in everyday situations from the beginning.
We start the lessons by teaching you how to use and understand the keywords used in daily interactions. Your Turkish becomes more efficient in our further lessons. We continuously increase your vocabulary by improving your speaking fluency, comprehension and writing skills. You speak the language grammatically correctly without getting overwhelmed with grammar.
You constantly practice Turkish throughout the course, without having to wait months to make a sentence. Thus, you can use your Turkish quickly in your daily, business, social and personal life.
You do not need to know English to attend classes.
Even if you are a beginner, you will not have any problems with our lessons.
Please get information for details. Telephone: 02128714340

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